We all want sparkling clean homes, but that might not be possible all of the time. You may be busy with work and other commitments and it can be hard to set aside time to do more thorough cleaning. The cleaning may have to be delayed until you have more time. This doesn’t have to be the case because you can search for house cleaning Hanover services in order to focus on more important things. If you still want to handle the cleaning on your own, here are some tips that could come in handy.

Key Areas To Focus On

In this article we will go over the main areas to focus on when cleaning.It is important to identify the dirtiest areas in your home , because they will require more upkeep.

The Bathroom 

The bathroom is one of the most used areas in a home. Just like restaurants and hotels, most people will judge the level of cleanliness in your home by looking at the bathroom. As long as the bathroom is clean, guests will be willing to overlook some things because they’re assured that you’re a clean person.


There is a lot that happens in the kitchen. There are greasy pans and spills to take care of. The countertops will also need to be scrubbed on a regular basis. Having a clean and neat kitchen shows people that you take health matters seriously.

Living Room

This is the part of the house that you will be spending a lot of time. You will also need to entertain guests and you don’t want them talking behind your back because there is dust everywhere.


First impressions matter. The entryway is the first place that people will see when entering your home. Have a floor mat and tidy the place so that there is organization when guests are coming into your home.

Having looked at the main areas that need to be focused on during cleaning, we’re going to advise a cleaning timeline that doesn’t take a lot of your time and it could take less than 15 minutes a day.

House Tour – 2 Minutes

It should not take you more than two minutes to tour the house so that you can highlight the key areas that need to be cleaned.

Bathroom – 4 minutes

You should start by cleaning the toilet. Don’t forget to clean under the seat too because it is an area that accumulates a lot of dirt and germs. The countertops and sinks needed to be wiped down so that there are no residues remaining. Take out the garbage and put a new bag.

Kitchen – 4 Minutes

Start by wiping down the countertops. This will aid in removing the stickiness and the crumbs that might have accumulated on the countertops. The sinks should also be wiped to remove residue.

Living Room – 4 Minutes

Dust the shelves, tables, and knickknacks. You can vacuum or sweep the living area. This should not take you more than 2 minutes if the living room is not extremely dirty. Fluff the cushions and pillows to remove any dust. For more information on house cleaning, you can check out http://hanover-cleaning.com/



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