Spring has arrived, the time of year for spring cleaning and ensuring your home remains clean throughout the year. The first step in any successful house cleaning Hanover begins with stocking up on the right tools and solutions for basically any cleaning need. Consider the following checklist:

The Essentials

In addition to spring cleaning, your daily and weekly cleaning should begin with a lightweight, roomy caddy filled with:


  • Gloves
    • A lint-free cloth for buffing streaks from glass surfaces such as mirrors.
  • All purpose glass and spray cleaner that has the capabilities of disinfecting surfaces (or at least sanitizing) and is PH-balanced.
  • Floor Cleaner advertised as “safe with any finished surface”, including wood; also, PH-balanced, use also for spot cleaning and baseboards.
  • Multicolored, nonabrasive cleaning pads (in place of sponges). TAKE NOTE: PROs utilize a color-coded system to avoid risks of cross-contamination. Example, blue for bathroom, green for kitchen, etc.
  • Absorbent, waffle-weave towels for drying/wiping.
  • High-quality microfiber cloths as well as extendable microfiber duster (if desired). TAKE NOTE: PROs prefer to also use microfiber mop-head covers, that have the ability to be washed and reused several times, which makes them both environmentally sustainable and economical.
  • Nylon-bristle brushes in a variety of sizes for going into hard to get to nooks and crannies and for gentle scrubbing.
  • Dedicated brush and toilet bowl cleaner. If utilizing one toilet bowl brush for multiple bathrooms, choose a design that correctly contains the brush as to avoid cross-contamination with other tools you might be carrying with you.
  • A lint roller is a necessity if there are any fur babies in the home.


Of course, a must to have ready in your home is a high-quality vacuum with various attachments.

Infrequent/Specialty Cleaning

When you clean regularly (or call in a PRO), you typically can get away with using just the essentials. However, for less frequent and tougher cleaning tasks, consider stocking the following:


  • A mildly abrasive cleaner to use temporarily until a regular cleaning habit is formed.
  • Soap-scum remover delivers the perfect chemistry to dissolve chemical bonds formed between common elements found in minerals and soaps.
  • Goo remover, particularly if you have family members into glue-using hobbies or crafts or if you have kids who love stickers.
  • Squeegee is a necessary tool for anyone who washes their own windows and is also useful for cleaning floors and mirrors.
  • Baking soda is great for cleaning cooktops, ovens, and burnt pots and pans.
  • Wood Soap for wood that is properly sealed.
  • Mold and mildew remover – to kill and contain living organisms.
  • Lime scare remover. A must-have for areas with hard water.



Stain Kit

To stock for emergency stain removal, keep on hand:

  • Ammonia
  • Corn starch
  • Glycerin
  • Baking soda
  • A degreasing dishwashing liquid
  • Hydrogen peroxide (milder bleaching action)
  • Acetone (nail polish remover)
  • Chlorine bleach (strong bleaching action)
  • A nonflammable dry-cleaning solution
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • White vinegar
  • An oxidizing agent

Call in the PROs!

Save yourself time and energy by calling in the PROs of Hanover Home Cleaning Pros to clean your house. The best companies, like Hanover, never present you with a list of tools and solutions to buy, they bring their own supplies with them. Visit the professionals at Hanover today http://hanover-cleaning.com/

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